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Our 25 Years Working Experience

Planchers Eco-Tech specializes in refinishing and installing hardwood floors.

Planchers Eco-Tech is the best rated and specializes in refinishing and installing hardwood floors.

Floors are the warmth and heart of every home, whether they are old or new we have the tools, products, and experience to make your floors a beautiful investment. Planchers Eco-Tech uses 98% dustless sanding system and non-toxic finishing. With over 25 years of experience, we offer high quality craftsmanship in the work we deliver. We are a top-rated floor company that delivers high quality work in the Montreal, South Shore and surrounding regions.

We are known for delivering finished, quality work on time. Our dustless sanding system leaves our costumers with peace of mind of clean job done right and the use of high-quality water-based products that do not leave a toxic odour.

Our products dry fast so you can enjoy your beautiful investment without the long wait. Many of the top-rated contractors in the surrounding areas use our services because of the quality and reliability we offer.

With so many years of experience in sanding and finishing hardwood floors, we can refinish your old floors and staircases and give them life again. Even if you are only refinishing part of your home’s hardwood floors, we specialize in colour matching so we can match the new floors as close as possible to the existing hardwood floors in your home.

Customers always refer us because we give them the best possible costumer service and guide them with their flooring project. We care about our clients and will provide them with the guidance needed to make everything run smoothly. We use high quality non-toxic products that will give your hardwood floors beautiful finishing with out the toxic smell.

For floor installation we can guide to find the right floor for your flooring project. Our highly organized, and experienced team does the job right which is what makes us #1.

Call us for a free estimate, we are ready to help you revamp those tired looking floors!

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