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Planchers Eco-Tech specializes in refinishing and installing hardwood floors.

Planchers Eco-Tech is the best rated and specializes in refinishing and installing hardwood floors.

Floors are the warmth and heart of every home, whether they are old or new we have the tools, products, and experience to make your floors a beautiful investment. Planchers Eco-Tech uses 98% dustless sanding system and non-toxic finishing. With over 25 years of experience, we offer high quality craftsmanship in the work we deliver. We are a top-rated floor company that delivers high quality work in the Montreal, South Shore and surrounding regions.


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Hardwood floor sanding is a specialized trait that must be done properly to ensure top results. When done by an experienced professional, hardwood floors can be sanded down several times without damage and with the right quality finishing can look absolutely stunning. Today’s finishings are non-toxic, durable and dry quickly so home owners are not forced to wait long periods of time before enjoying their investment.

Our team can provide you with our state-of-the-art 98% dustless sanding system that leaves your home clean and saves you time and money from dust clean up. We offer professional, fast and efficient clean work.


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